Mbarara University : General information


Mbarara University of Science & Technology(MUST) was founded in 1989 when the National Resistance Council passed a Statute establishing the University. Undergraduate programs started in October 1989 for students taking courses leading to the degree of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at the former midwifery school in Mbarara Municipality next to the District Hospital. It was hoped through phased programs to establish three other faculties nemely:

In addition to the above Faculties, the university established in 1991 an Institute of Tropical Forest Conservation based in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park for the purpose of education and research in Tropical Forest Biology and conservation.

Currently in addition to the medical school two more faculties have been established. The Faculty of Science Education admits students who take Biology and Chemistry, or Chemistry and Mathematics or Mathematics or Mathematics and Physics for their main subjects. The second faculty is that of Development studies.

The academic programs at Mbarara University are intended to be tailored towards the Government effort of solving Uganda's economic problems by producing the skilled manpower in Science, Technology and managerial sciences that should participate in determining the policies, plan programs and implement projects that are essential for sustained integrated economic growth and development.

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