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The Faculty of Development Studies at MUST offers a unique course in Computer Studies with a view to producing students with a sound knowledge in computer applications and a broader understanding of the development context within which they operate.

Objectives of the course
The degree programme covered in the Department of Computer Science aims at equiping students with computer knowledge and skills so as to cope with the structural and technological changes taking place in today's world.

The course further aims at producing the needed manpower in the fields of computer science, including Programmers, Software Development, Systems Analysis, Data Analysis, Statistical Computing and Computer Engineering Economics with wide knowledge of Computer Applications & Statisticians, and researchers.

It is hoped that the faculty can produce competent computer literate people for the ever growing needs of Computer Science and Applications.

In addition, the Computer Science course hopes to contribute towards the building of capacity for research in the Faculty through the teaching of Statistical Computing and Software Applications for Data Analysis.

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