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The Faculty of Development Studies at Mbarara University offers a course leading to the Bachelor of Development Studies which intends to provide foundation education for undergraduate students in development studies.

Objectives of the Bachelor of Development Studies Course

The programme is meant to provide theoritical and methodological tools for the undersanding of the development process and apply them to the main economic, social and political problems concerning developing countries in a changing international environment. The course provides students with appropriate conceptual and analytical tools for ddressing critical contemporary development questions concentrating on the Ugandan situation.

It offers opportunity and means for specialisation in a particular area of political, economic or social analysis. The course enables students to acquire alternative conception of development policy and analysis, making thema better placed to become innovators in the field rather than job seekers.

The students who graduate can be absorbed as socio-economic analysts, field workers for NGOs, researchers for universities, government, private sector, etc.

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